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Date8 Apr, 2019 - 20 Dec, 2019
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Spanish Language Course

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In partnership with the ICADE Business School

IME and the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, through its ICADE Business School, along with its close collaboration in training, have been developing this course jointly since its inception. This is one more example of the good results of this association in the field of postgraduate teaching.

The course addresses the increasing global demand for legal expertise in the area of maritime law and is directed globally to all the institutions of this specialized branch of law.Today, legal services in the maritime world are essential. It is important to know in great detail the legal status of maritime areas and navigation safety, rules aimed at combating marine pollution, international regulation of maritime transport market, ship owners and individuals involved in the navigation, the vessel and its legal status (nationality and registration, property acquisition modes, naval mortgage, as well as other actual guaranty rights of the vessel).
Of equal importance are the contracts of vessel operation or use, such as the carriage of goods under a bill of lading, charter, vessel lease, passage or towing , in addition to auxiliary navigation contracts.
Of no less importance is the knowledge of the law applicable to shipping accidents (collisions, salvaging, and general average). In addition to this, the liability in maritime law, maritime insurance, and procedures for dispute resolution are essential for tackling any function related to maritime law or maritime navigation law.

This course is aimed at legal advisers, lawyers, teachers and, in general, scholars involved in maritime activities, including students, graduates and law graduates, marine engineering, marine civil or military and naval architects.

This course is designed to train professionals, providing legal expertise in the area of international maritime law, both public and private.  It enables them to exercise the profession in the corporate legal field related to shipping or in different organs and agencies of competent public authorities in their own matters of navigation by sea.

Students are awarded the degree of Specialist in International Maritime Law from Universidad Pontificia Comillas after passing the exams given throughout the course.

Students of the present course are given “Curso de Derecho Marítimo Internacional” International Maritime Law Course, written by José Luis Gabaldón:


Free subscription to the Code of Maritime Law during the course

Throughout the development of the course, students will have free access to the Code of Maritime Law (CODEMAR), online reference work required in Maritime Law, directed by Jose Luis Gabaldon.


Module 1 Introduction to Maritime Law
Module 2 Areas of navigation
Module 3 Maritime Safety
Module 4 Protection of the marine environment
Module 5 Inspection and certification of ships
Module 6 Carriage of goods by sea
Module 7 Rights and responsabilities
Module 8 Nationality, registration and ownership of ships
Module 9 Contract for the International Maritime Transport of Goods
Module 10 Voyage charter contract and sub-modalities
Module 11 Time charter and bareboat. Contracts
Module 12 Other operating contracts and Navigation ancillary contracts
Module 13 Serious breakdowns, salvage and shipwrecks
Module 14 Damage liability in maritime law
Module 15 Marine Insurance
Module 16 Procedures for resolving disputes

Course Director

José Luis Gabaldón

Ship Master and Ph.D. in Law.
Area Director of the Master in Shipping Business and Maritime Law (IME-ICADE).
Author of CODEMAR and of numerous publications of Maritime Law.
Co-author of the course book of Maritime Navigation Law (3rd Edition).
Maritime consultant of the OMI and UNCTAD and of diverse projects of the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation and Development (AECID).
Member of the Special Section of Navigation Law of the General Commission of Codification.


Magdalena Etcheverría
Lawyer – Islaw Lawyers


Jesús Barbadillo Eyzaquirre
Lawyer – Counsel and Head of Transport and Maritime Industry Garrigues Law Firm and Tax Advisers

José Luis Gabaldón García
Ship Master – Ph.D. in Law

Carlos López-Quiroga Teijeiro
Lawyer – Partner Uría Menéndez

Víctor Mata Garrido
Lawyer Thomas Cooper

Francisco Joaquín Montero Llacer
Ship Master. Ph.D. in Science of the Oceans

Javier Portales Rodríguez
Lawyer – Partner Albors Galiano Portales

Félix Ruiz-Gálvez Villaverde
Lawyer – Partner Ruiz-Gálvez Lawyers

Fernando Ruiz-Gálvez Villaverde
Lawyer – Partner Ruiz-Gálvez Lawyers

Bernardo Ruiz Lima
Partner Thomas Cooper

Duration: 16th april to 21st december 2018, with a class load of 300 hours.
The course fee of International Maritime Law Specialist is 5,050 Euros. Discounts are available for groups and alumni. Please consult conditions.

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To register for the course you should:

1.- Complete the application form online: www.upcomillas.es/admisiones

2.- Along with the admission application form, completed and signed, attach:

•    Photocopy of D.N.I. or passport.

•    Original or copy of the complete academic transcript.

•   Original or certified copy of the diploma, unless it has been issued by Comillas.

In case of a foreign diploma, it must be submitted legalized with the Hague Apostille or through diplomatic channels and translated into Spanish by a certified translator.

•    Curriculum vitae.

•    Written personal statement of the reasons why you want to start or continue post graduate studies in this University in the chosen program and your availability to pursue these studies.
All the stated documentation should be sent to Instituto Marítimo Español (C / Jorge Juan, 19-6 º 28001 Madrid Spain Att :  Admissions Department).

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A few testimonials

This Post Graduate was a foot in the door to one of the most prestigious maritime law offices in Spain.  I chose this program because it is entirely devoted to International Maritime Law.  Without a doubt I must emphasize the rigor and thoroughness of the topics.  I was able to acquire a solid base that helps me in my day to day work as a lawyer (marine insurance, ship operating contracts, damage claims to goods, leisure boating, navigation accidents, etc..) in assessing companies in the maritime sector (cargo insurers, port terminals, freight forwarders, ship owners, etc..) in both extrajudicial and judicial affairs. Tutors and teachers are first rate and IME makes everything easy and available.  IMe-learning allowed me to study with great flexibility.  My decision to do this Post Graduate was right on. I enjoyed it very much and I continue to recommend it to anyone that asks“.

Cristina Portuondo - Attorney at RSA

“I did the Specialist Course in International Maritime Law in 2009 to 2010 and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the breadth of the issues that were dealt with, their completeness, the very comprehensive accompanying documentation and the quality as well as the faculty’s expectations. All of this has provided students with the most solid foundation imaginable for developing new professional perspectives in maritime law’s multiple fields. I am delighted to back this course, as I do believe it is an invaluable tool for any maritime operator, especially in the legal field”.

David Ruiz Rosillo - Advocate

“The Specialist in International Maritime Law course has provided me with a solid knowledge of maritime law applicable to one of the most important activities carried out in my company: the purchase and sale of crude oil and petroleum products, which creates problems on a legal level regarding transportation contracts, documents relating to loading and transport, maritime insurance, marine pollution from spills, etc.. All of which can be dealt with ideally given the knowledge you obtain from the course.  Content is diverse and dynamic, subjects are very well explained and tutorial assistance is downright good. Moreover, being able to do the course online allows for combine it with your daily work, you being the one who chooses when and where to connect”.

Belén Barrientos - Head of Contracts Department Counsel of CEPSA